inediti percorsi
di innovazione sociale
e culturale

Itinerari Paralleli è un’impresa sociale che accompagna nell’ideazione, progettazione e realizzazione di contenuti culturali e azioni di innovazione sociale aggregando competenze complementari con una forte visione etica in comune.

our expertise?

research & development

We design change

We develop projects and apply to calls on a national and European level; we offer consultancy and training on urban, social and cultural transition together with local communities, public administration, CBO’s and corporates. Designing means making valuable choices.

curatorship and artistic direction

We think
from different perspectives

We design new concepts and implement original cultural events and activities with a specific focus towards contemporary languages, innovative artistic practices, intercultural relations and audience development strategies.


We create links
between people, places and resources

We design and implement processes for community involvement, audience development, co-design and transformation in urban and non-urban contexts. We use integrated design tools such as action research, territorial analysis, service design, business modeling, community engagement and partnership building.

What makes us unique?

Itinerari Paralleli is a polycentric organization, an ecosystem in which the roles and responsibilities can be adapted and recomposed according to the needs of the individual project.


At its heart, the organization relies on 10 co-founders who believed in the project and started it.

Around them, the network of professionals. Project managers and experts that structure Itinerari Paralleli’s ecosystem together with partner organizations that support and participate in the activities of the social enterprise.

IP Co-founder IP Professional IP Partner

How we work?

Each project is coordinated by a project manager who can be either a founding member or a professional from the network.

The project manager is always supported by a mentor who guarantees an external view and has the specific task of documenting the knowledge produced by the project in order to share it both inside and outside Itinerari Paralleli.

Whenever possible the project manager involves a junior figure in the WBO because we believe that the new generations have a lot to say in decoding contemporary issues.

Do you want to submit a project proposal?

Itinerari Paralleli is an open ecosystem: contact us to present a project to the board.

1 Propose
the project
2 The project is validated
3 Develop the project in the IP ecosystem

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